My Week

made on 9-29-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! Can you believe september is almost over!?! Anyways, this week’s post is chill, let’s get into it!

My Week so Far

My week has been pretty good! I went to Starbucks and I got a pumpkin cream cold brew! It was delicious!!! I can’t wait for spooky season though!

School has been going good! We played some games in class this week. This week has been VERY chill, I have only had 1 quiz so far!!! THAT IS AMAZINGGG. Tomorrow there is this event thing happening at my school and I think it should be fun!

My day was soooo funny today! Something sooooo hilarious happened at school, if I type it here you guys probably won’t get it since you would have to know some background information. Anyways I was laughing soooo much!

Make sure to listen to the song September before september ends! I always like to listen to it at least once in september.

I am currently doing some math homework and working on this post.

Anyways that is it for this post! How is your week going? I’ll catch you later, bye!!

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