Netflix Show: Wednesday

made on: 11-25-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! A new show came out on Netflix recently, it’s called Wednesday. I started watching it yesterday and finished it today (wowie). Here is my little “review”


The show is about Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) from the Addams family, which you may have heard of. While the show does include her family, the main focus is on her.

I LOVE THIS SHOW, I started it YESTERDAY and finished it TODAY! There are 8 episodes each are around 40-50 minutes. The age rating is TV-14. The show does have a lot of gore and violence, some scenes show people’s limbs being cut off and there are alot of bloody scenes. So if you are not a big fan of that kind of stuff maybe close your eyes, or just don’t watch the show. I guess you could say there are some scary parts. I didn’t think anything was scary, but I rarely ever get scared by movies/shows so my judgement isn’t the best for that sort of thing.

There is a character in the show (I won’t say who) that reminds me ALOT of one of my old teachers hehe…

Anyways, I thought the show was amazinngggg. It was so captivating that I finished it in 2 days… That’s saying something! There was SUCH A MAJOR PLOT twist in the last 2 episodes. I was SOOOOOO upset!!! If you watch it you will find out, it was very unexpected.

Btw: Eugene is my favorite character I also really like Wednesday, which is very different because most of the time the main characters are not my favorite!

If you like mystery/thriller/macabre shows I think you will love this show!

I’ll catch you next time, byee!

5 thoughts on “Netflix Show: Wednesday

  1. Oh that’s a hard question! In the first episode with Tyler I thought their relationship was cute but then I quickly caught these weird vibes from him which changed my mind about them. I feel like Xavier was not the best idea for Wednesday but from her body language like walking behind him kinda showed how she was more comfortable with him. I can’t choose sides so I thought maybe Wednesday should be on her own without them šŸ˜… How about you?

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    1. Yeah, I totally agree. I was on team tyler the entire time until the last episode (I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched). I never wanted her to end up with Xavier because it seemed so one-sided. I think in season 2 they will introduce a new person for Wednesday, or she will be by herself which is absolutely fine!


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