November Overview 2022

made on 12-9-2022

Hey guys, I know I am late! Sorry, but Happy December!!!! I am back with my monthly overview post. Let’s get into it.

Blog Overview

I did well. I wrote 5 posts! Which is great! I also got 2 new followers 🙂

Life Overview

November was good! I got a haircut! I had alot of breaks! Thanksgiving was fun! I feel like every week in november had something going on! I performed something I have been working on!! It went great!! I watched Wednesday! Honestly, November felt so short! School was good. I have been watching the world cup!!

Goals for December

  • Enjoy my last month of 2022 at school. This school year felt SO SHORT!!! I really just want to take it slowly
  • Have a great holiday season
  • Eat yummy food
  • Celebrate something related to my birth wink wink
  • Go to fun places
  • Have fun !
  • write at least 2 posts, gain at least 1 follower

That is it for this post! How was your November?

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