Day in my life: Christmas Eve Eve!

made on 12-23-2022

Hey there! Last year, on this day, I also made a christmas eve eve post! So, why not make one this year again! Let’s get into it!

Wake up- 6:00 am I normally wake up around 5:30- 5:50 during breaks, but today I felt so warm and comfy in my bed hehe

Random- 6:00- 11:50: I played outside with my dogs a little. I really like this name (it starts with a Z) so yesterday I decided that one of my dogs’ new unofficial middle names is that name. Try guessing what name it is in the comments! I listened to some music (Kendrick Lamar, I have been listening to his music alot lately). Watched some TV, ate breakfast, worked on some stuff for school.

I went shopping yesterday and found this set of 3 mini Torani syrups!! I was so excited because I have been really wanting to try Torani syrups. PLUS IT WAS ONLY $5!! It has vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut syrups. I tried some coffee with vanilla and a little of hazelnut today and it was good!

Class: 11:50- 2:50: Went to my class. I went to a class, the time includes the driving time, it is a 1 1/2 hour class đŸ™‚

Lunch- 2:55- 3:20: My mom made this really good salad for lunch!

Study 3:20-4:00: I studied a little bit.. I also wrapped some presents!

Talk to friend 4:30-5:30: I called my friend, it was nice talking to her!

Work on school stuff 5:30- 6:40: I worked on a study guide for one of my classes.

Shower 6:45- 6:55: I took a shower… self explanatory..

Make cookies 7:00- 7:50– I made some cookies! I made snowball cookies because, why not? They ended up tasting really good!

Eat dinner:7:50 – 8:20?? – I will eat my dinner! This is in future tense because I have not done it yet!

8:20-— watch TV

The reason I left it blank is because I wanted to post this today! You can just assume that I watched some more TV until around 10:00 and then did something else and went to sleep around 11 pm- 1am! It is winter break after all!

How is your life? That is it for this post, catch you later!

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