2022 recap

made on 12-31-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! Happy/sad last day of 2022! Here is a little recap.

I think my 2022 was pretty good, there were some sad parts but majority good!

It was super fast! I remember last New Year’s eve like it was yesterday!!

I had a blast this year doing some very fun stuff like every month! Honestly it feels really weird to already be in 2023! In a few hours, 2019 will be 4 years ago that does NOT seem right. 2018 will be 5 YEARS AGO!! and 2017 will be 6 years ago! WHATTTT. That feels so surreal party because in my mind 2020 and 2021 are basically mashed up into the same year…

My blog did pretty well, I do not really want to look into stats but I did post quite a bit, although I feel like I lost some inspiration.. it happens

My academic year was good, my previous grade was SUPER FUN! This grade is going pretty well too so far! I have so many funny stories and experiences from school.

I did accomplish most of my new years resolutions and I have made some for 2023. I will probably reveal those in a later post. I really want to get ALL the dutch bros stickers for 2023 though. I WAS SO CLOSE THIS YEAR, I got every month EXCEPT JANUARYYYYY!

Anyways that is all I really have to say, I am grateful for 2022 and hope everyone has a wonderful 2023!

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