January Overview 2023

made on 2-5-2023

Hey there, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been super busy lately.

January overview (mini)

My january was pretty good, it felt really long but short at the same time. I finished watching my favorite show tulsa king (the season finale came out at the beginning of January). I want season 2!!!! School was good, we had exams/midterms which were good for the most part. There were some fun things that happened in january like spirit week and these snack bags you could buy but yeah!

Goals for February

  • write at least 2 posts
  • have fun!
  • 2 year blogiversary
  • Have fun at the school events (dance, some other events!!)
  • Watch the superbowwllllllll GO CHIEFSSSS
  • Celebrate birthday (not mine but dog + friends)
  • Have a good valentines day

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