made on 2-28-2023

Hey there it’s me again! Sorry I have been gone for quite some time. Anyways today’s post is really random, I will just be talking about some random stuff..


My 2 year blogaversary was on February 14th! Yay!

Anyways, I have recently been on a Rocky Movie marathon. I finished Rocky Balboa today, I have to watch Creed next! Stallone is awesome man! (if you haven’t watched Tulsa king yet, I would totally recommend it)

My february has been going very well! Every day feels so short, but February 1st felt like an eternity ago! There were alot of fun events at my school like a dance, a little festival thingy, and a performance thing-y! I got a bunch of candy from Valentine’s day 🙂

I loved the superbowl and was SUPER happy the chiefs won. GO CHIEFSSS!!

I had fun with my friends and family this month. How has your month been going?

I got glasses! I don’t NEED glasses to see everyday, it’s just in some classes at school I sit in the back and I have been having a little bit of a hard time seeing without squinting, so yeah. I don’t want to wear my glasses all the time though because I feel like then I might become dependent on them, which I do not want to happen.

Where I live, the weather has been very nice! It’s a little chilly, but I like it!!

Anyways that’s it for this post. I’ll catch you later!

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