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made on 3-13-2023

Heyy! Sorry I didn’t do a monthly overview, I will squeeze in a little one here:

February was good, we had a school dance, a good valentines day, I had a rocky movie marathon, some fun events at school (wf and fa- that’s for me to remember in the future), the superbowl, I met up with my friends, had fun with my family.

My goals for march are:

Have a good spring break

Enjoy school

Have fun with friends and family

Celebrate birthdays

That is my little overview, february was a super fun month!

Back to the present. The Oscars were yesterday! I had a good time watching them like always. Anyways I have been watching alot of new stuff and wanting to watch stuff, so let’s talk about it.


In february, my sister and I had a Rocky movie marathon. We watched rocky movies basically all week (even on school nights). It was so fun! I had a great time, the rocky films are iconic and I love them sooo much. Though the movies are predictable, I love them. Plus, it’s young stallone!! Let me tell you, I do have a pretty good rocky impression *Yo Adrian, we did it! How ya doin* haha (btw Tulsa King is still my favorite show).

I think rocky 3 or rocky 4 was my favorite ( probably 3 because him and creed become friends!) I cannot tell you how much I love the rocky film franchise. Which includes creed ( I haven’t watched creed 3 yet though). I personally do like the rocky movies better, but both are great! When characters in rocky died, I felt really sad! Like with adrian, paulie, mickey, and of course creed 😦

Anyways, enough about rocky. I also watched a movie with my dad today called Pulp fiction.

My dad loves the movie pulp fiction, he suggested we watch it, so I said yeah, why not?

It was a good movie, there are so many different storylines which all connect 1 and that was pretty revolutionary at the time (it’s an old-ish movie)!

I also recently finished Demon slayer: mugen train (aka season 2 on netflix). Let me tell you, I am hooked to demon slayer, I think it is a great anime to watch, it’s very interesting! I was soooooo crushed at the end of mugen train. I won’t reveal who, but someone dies 😦

He (or she) was one of my favorite characters, rip. I am going to watch the rest of the entertainment district arc on

Moving on, I want to watch some shows on netflix because, why not. Some I have in mind are Lupin (my parents watched it and they liked it), Attack on titan (my friends liked it), Outer banks ( so many people like obx, so I will probably start watching it even though I am superr late), The Mandalorian season 3, tbc…

Want to talk about movies/ shows? Let’s chat in the comments!

That is the end of this post. I’ll catch you next time!

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