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Happy MLK day + Superbowl talk

made on 1-16-2022 Hey there! Happy MLK day! If you didn’t know, MLK day is a federal holiday in the United States and it celebrates MLK’s birthday! Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist for social rights and equality. He is celebrated nationwide for all of the amazing things he did! I would like to…


made on 1-12-2023 Hey guys happy 2023! Sorry I haven’t been posting, I have been busy with some stuff at school. This post is super random but I just want to talk about some stuff. post picture credit: Tulsa King. I finished this show called Tulsa King. IT IS SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!! It…

2022 recap

made on 12-31-2022 Hey there, it’s me again! Happy/sad last day of 2022! Here is a little recap. I think my 2022 was pretty good, there were some sad parts but majority good! It was super fast! I remember last New Year’s eve like it was yesterday!! I had a blast this year doing some…

Day in my life: Christmas Eve Eve!

made on 12-23-2022 Hey there! Last year, on this day, I also made a christmas eve eve post! So, why not make one this year again! Let’s get into it! Wake up- 6:00 am I normally wake up around 5:30- 5:50 during breaks, but today I felt so warm and comfy in my bed hehe…


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