Summer Bucket List 2022!

made on 5-27-2022 Hey there! Today I am going to be making a summer bucket list which contains stuff I want to do this summer! Let’s get into it! Summer Bucket List! Smores- Why not?! Have a Bbq- Another why not! Get lights for my room- I really want to get some lights for myContinue reading “Summer Bucket List 2022!”

Finals Are Over, Finally- 2022!!

made on 5-20-2022 Hey there happy friday!!! Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted! Nothing happened, don’t worry 🙂 . As I said in a previous post, I was focusing on studying for my finals. My exciting news is:Finals are over!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYY! I think I did good. **School is not over yetContinue reading “Finals Are Over, Finally- 2022!!”

Earth Day: Ways to Help the Planet

made on 4-22-2022 Hey everyone!! I know yesterday I said I would not be posting alot, but I felt very inspired to post this, let’s jump into it! Happy Earth day!!!!! If you didn’t know, Earth Day is a day which celebrates the start of the environment protection movement, and reminds us to protect thisContinue reading “Earth Day: Ways to Help the Planet”


made on 4-7-2022 Hellooo everybody!! Welcome/welcome back. I hope you all are enjoying your april so far! Today I have a very exciting announcement.. or at least for me 🙂 Well, let’s get into it!! New Plants!! So, as you can probably tell… we got new plants!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy! If you didn’t know,Continue reading “NEW PLANTS!!! YAYYYY”

Highlights: Friday and Saturday

made on 3-27-2022 Hey there! Can you believe that March is almost over?!?!? Anyways, I have had such a great Friday and Saturday and I wanted to post about it, so let’s get into it!! Note: I am very sorry I didn’t post on thursday like I said I would, I was super busy!! FridayContinue reading “Highlights: Friday and Saturday”

Happy St. Patrick’s day + Volunteering!

made on 3-17-2022 Hey there!! This is a little post about St. Patrick’s day and an experience! Let’s get into it! Happy St. Patricks day (even though I don’t really celebrate it)!! If you celebrate it, what green clothing are you wearing? I am wearing a green shirt! I wish you all tons of luck!!Continue reading “Happy St. Patrick’s day + Volunteering!”