My favorite Bath & Body Works scents- pt 1

made on 6-2-2021 Hey there, it’s me again! Today I am going to be talking about my favorite bath and body works scents, let’s get into it! So a few days ago I went to bath and body works with my mom for fun. Since summer has started they have a whole new line ofContinue reading “My favorite Bath & Body Works scents- pt 1”

Summer ideas for a summer of fun! Part 1

made on 6-1-2021 Hey there it’s me again, and I’m back with a summer ideas post! I recently got off of school and am ready to enjoy my summer. I love summer, swimming in my pool, drinking coconut water, and all that stuff! You can do these by yourself, invite people over, or do theseContinue reading “Summer ideas for a summer of fun! Part 1”

Harry potter movie marathon!

made on 5-26-2021 Hey there, it’s me! I’m back with a harry potter post! I re-watched all of the movies this week! Anyways let’s just get into it. As I said I re-watched all of the harry potter movies a little bit of last week and a little bit of this week, I first watchedContinue reading “Harry potter movie marathon!”

Welcome to my website!

made on 2-14-2021 **actually remembered to post this on 5-25-2021** *** Hey guys! You might be wondering why I am doing a welcome post even though I have been blogging for around 3 and a half months. Well, funny story, this was actually supposed to be my first post!! I started my blog on februaryContinue reading “Welcome to my website!”

Stardew valley-I’m a bit late.

made on 5-20-2021 Hey there it’s me again! I am back and today I have a post about a game called stardew valley. Let’s just get into it! Where to play- You can play on these supported devices. You can also play in a Tesla (car). If you want more information about this feel freeContinue reading “Stardew valley-I’m a bit late.”

Happy mother’s day!!!!!!

made on 5-9-2021 Hey there, I’m back! Today’s post is going to be short, but let’s just get into it!! I just wanted to say thank you to all the mothers out there, you all work so hard. I would like to dedicate this post to my mom whom I love, and appreciate very muchContinue reading “Happy mother’s day!!!!!!”

Happy teacher appreciation week!

made on 5-3-2021 Hey guys!!! I have not posted in a long time because I want to focus on school until the finals are over. I just wanted to say happy teacher appreciation week! Thank you to all the teachers out there!!! Teachers do so much for our society and I just wanted to makeContinue reading “Happy teacher appreciation week!”

A (sort of) review- Canva Free!

Made on 4- 21-2021 **This post IS NOT SPONSORED*** Hey there, I’m back with another blog post! This is kind of a review of a very good site called canva! Let’s hop into it!! Canva- Overall Canva is basically a design app! I love it! You can make presentations, collages, posters, etc.. the possiblities areContinue reading “A (sort of) review- Canva Free!”