Last month of Summer Break!!

made on 7-31-2022 Hey there, it’s me again! My school starts very soon!!!!! AHH, summer break went by so quickly! Here is how my last month of summer break went: I had so much fun in July! July: I met up with alot of friends!– This also includes calls, because some were on vacation. IContinue reading “Last month of Summer Break!!”

Summer This or That pt. 2

made on 7-21-2022 Hey there, it’s me again! I am back with another summer this or that!  Feel free to play along with me and write what you picked in the comments! Let’s get into it! Summer this or that Here is the link of the this or that: * I found this on googleContinue reading “Summer This or That pt. 2”

Day in the Life-1st Day of Summer Break 2022

made on 5-27-2022 Hey there!! Today is my first day of summer break 2022! Here is what I did today— today (my current yesterday) is 5-27-2022!! **This post was supposed to be posted yesterday, sorry! I was busy** Wake up- 5:30 am– I woke up! Random- 5:35- 6:45– I watched TV said good morning toContinue reading “Day in the Life-1st Day of Summer Break 2022”

My travels pt 3: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho: Yellowstone

made on: 4-14-2022 Hi everyone! Today I am doing another travel post!! As I said a looonnnnnggggg time agooo, I would be going on vacation soon(I already went) and I would make a post about it! Well, I am finally writing a post about it. Let’s fly ✈️ into it (pun intended). I went onContinue reading “My travels pt 3: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho: Yellowstone”