How My Week Has Been so Far

made on 8-11-2022 Hey there it’s me again! Today’s post is very random, it is how my week has been so far! Let’s get into it! My week so far School started recently, and now I am getting back into the old habit of school mornings. Last week I was still adjusting! School has beenContinue reading “How My Week Has Been so Far”

Finals Are Over, Finally- 2022!!

made on 5-20-2022 Hey there happy friday!!! Wow, it’s been quite a while since I last posted! Nothing happened, don’t worry 🙂 . As I said in a previous post, I was focusing on studying for my finals. My exciting news is:Finals are over!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYY! I think I did good. **School is not over yetContinue reading “Finals Are Over, Finally- 2022!!”