August 2022 Overview

made on 9-1-2022 Hey there, happy September!!! I can’t believe it’s already september!! Well, I’m back with my monthly overview post. Let’s get into it! Blog Overview I did okay this month. I wrote 4 posts like I wanted to! I got 6 new followers! I tried to post every Thursday, but that didn’t happen.Continue reading “August 2022 Overview”

March Overview 2022

made on 4-1-2022 Hey folks! I’m starting off April with an overview post! Let’s get into it! Also, happy april fool’s day I got so many people at school 🙂 Hey everyone quick thing, please click on this link, it is very important: IMPORTANT Blog Overview My blog did well in March. I posted 5Continue reading “March Overview 2022”

January Overview 2022

made on 2-1-2022 Hello folks! Happy Lunar New Year!!! Anyways, today I will be doing my monthly overview! Let’s get into it! Blog Overview I think my blog did decently in January. My goal was to get at least 5 followers and got 5 followers so yay! I wrote 10 posts this month! Wowie!! LifeContinue reading “January Overview 2022”

Yay for 2022 & My 2021 Overview

made on 12/30/2021 Hello! It’s me! 2022 is almost here!!! Today I am going to be doing a 2021 overview post!! Basically I will be talking about how my year was, personally and for the blog. Let’s get into it! *By the way I will still be posting my December overview post in January soContinue reading “Yay for 2022 & My 2021 Overview”