My Crazy Wednesday!- ANNOUNCEMENT + Question

made on 3-10-2022 Hello!!! Today is a very chill post, but I have a special announcement and question at the end so stay tuned for that!! My Crazy Wednesday Okay, so this was yesterday, 3-9-2022. Yesterday I was VERY busy! I came back from school at around 4:45 (I had to do something). My schoolContinue reading “My Crazy Wednesday!- ANNOUNCEMENT + Question”

Note-taking and Studying tips!

made on 12-13-2021 Hello lovely readers! Welcome (or welcome back) to Cupcakesandlemonade! In today’s post I will be giving you guys some studying and note-taking tips! Let’s get into it! Do NOT study on your bed or in a cozy place This will get you very distracted and sleepy! When studying you should be inContinue reading “Note-taking and Studying tips!”

How to make an effective studying schedule!

Made on 4-12-2021 Hey there! Today I am going to be talking about how to make an effective studying schedule. I know that for an extensive amount of people next month (I am assuming) is packed with finals, AP exams, and other forms of testing, so if you need to motivate yourself to study here’sContinue reading “How to make an effective studying schedule!”