Netflix Show: Wednesday

made on: 11-25-2022 Hey there, it’s me again! A new show came out on Netflix recently, it’s called Wednesday. I started watching it yesterday and finished it today (wowie). Here is my little “review” Wednesday The show is about Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) from the Addams family, which you may have heard of.Continue reading “Netflix Show: Wednesday”

My Crazy Wednesday!- ANNOUNCEMENT + Question

made on 3-10-2022 Hello!!! Today is a very chill post, but I have a special announcement and question at the end so stay tuned for that!! My Crazy Wednesday Okay, so this was yesterday, 3-9-2022. Yesterday I was VERY busy! I came back from school at around 4:45 (I had to do something). My schoolContinue reading “My Crazy Wednesday!- ANNOUNCEMENT + Question”