Testing out Zebra Midliners

made on 9-25-2021

Hello!! I recently bought some zebra midliner markers and I am going to be testing them out/reviewing them. Let’s get into it!

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Zebra midliners

Here is what I got:

This is the broad and fine set with 15 markers. I love the look of the packaging and the markers!! Here are some swatches:

I love most of the colors, I wish the names would be printed larger though. The names are very tiny. Here is a picture.


The color that I don’t really like is the orange, I wish it was a bit darker. Although it is a good highlighter color. I wish that this set would come with a black because I use black marker a lot and I would have loved a black.


Some qualities I really love are that these markers do not bleed onto the next page unless you really push down on it. I also really love the design of the markers!


Overall these are great markers! I do not have a favorite color yet, but I really like the dark blue and the magenta. I also heard that there are brush pen versions of this!!!!! Maybe I will get those in the future… Anyways, do you have a favorite color out of these markers? Comment down below. I can’t wait to get to use these more!

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4 thoughts on “Testing out Zebra Midliners

  1. Those markers look pretty good, you can use it for drawing and maybe even color-coding notes! (BTW I was the one who filled the form, I forgot to put my WordPress nickname in it) and as always, great post, I always look forward to it!


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