Polymer Clay Chunky Rings

made on 7-5-2022

Hey there, it’s me again! So, a few days ago I made polymer clay chunky rings! I don’t think I told you guys this, but last year I made chunky rings as well and I just had the thought to make more! Here is what I did!

Chunky Rings

At first, I looked up some pictures on chrome for inspiration.

After I did that, I got my polymer clay out and warmed it up. The polymer clay I have is hard and I need to knead it for sometime for it to become a nice texture. I just rolled the polymer clay into a ball then flattened it and repeated.

The next step depends on what kind of ring you are making. A normal loop, a flat one, or a twisted one. ( I just made up all of these names heh). There are obviously more types you can make but for now I will teach you guys how to make these three.

For a normal loop all you have to do is roll out your polymer clay (it should look like a snake) then put it around your finger, take it off your finger and press the ends together ( you may add a little or take a little off if you need).

For a flat ring, you basically do the same thing as a normal loop except, after you roll it out to be a “snake” you have to flatten it out so it looks like a flattened snake? 😛

For a twisted ring, you have to take two pieces of clay and roll them out separately. They can be different colors or the same color. You make separate “snakes”. Put them next to each other and roll those together, that should make a twisted look. Then do all the normal stuff, measure around your finger, add/subtract then press ends together.

The baking time depends on the brand of polymer clay you have.

Here is a picture of some that I made!

The normal one I made turned out very thick!

That is how I made these polymer clay rings! Let me know if you have ever made these before!

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