Me Talking About My Life

made on 11-23-2022

Hey there! It’s me again! I do not have school today or the rest of this week for that matter (thanksgiving break)! Today’s post is very chill, there is a BUNCH of stuff I just want to say, so here it is!


I didn’t post last week because I had rehearsals for something going on at school, it went really well! A LOT of people came to the event! WAYYyyYYYY more people than last year came, and a lot of people I knew came (I was promoting the event hehe). Many teachers came too! A lot of them were teachers I have/had, my favorite teacher from last year came and he was talking about it and about how great I was and it made me sooo happy! My science teachers, history teachers, and other teachers came!


Recently I have been listening to hip hop, like alot! Mainly Kendrick Lamar, his songs are so catchyyy, the music is very upbeat and makes me feel energized. I honestly don’t know why I just started randomly listening to hip hop, but I did and it’s ALL I’ve been listening too! I am listening to a Kendrick song right now..


Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I am so thankful for everything I have and I am going to gain 20 pounds…

Just kidding, I say that every year, but I don’t lol

Book recs?

I am almost done with the book I am currently reading. I MIGHT do a review on the book. Anyways, I need some new book recommendations! What books do you like to read? It can be any category!

That is it for this post! Have an amazing thanksgiving, I will catch you next time!

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